Conference Topics

1.1Medical Beamforming and Beam Steering (MBB)
1.2Biological Effects & Dosimetry (MBE)
1.3Blood Flow Measurement (MBF)
1.4Contrast Agents (MCA)
1.5Elastography (MEL)
1.6Medical Imaging (MIM)
1.7Medical Image and Signal Processing (MIS)
1.8Medical Photoacoustics (MPA)
1.9System & Device Design (MSD)
1.10Medical Tissue Characterization (MTC)
1.11Therapeutics, Hyperthermia & Surgery (MTH)
1.12Theranostics & Image Guidance in Therapy (MTN)
2.1Acoustic Microfluidics (NAF)
2.2Acoustic Imaging and Microscopy (NAI)
2.3Acoustic Sensors (NAS)
2.4General NDE Methods (NDE)
2.5Energy Harvesting (NEH)
2.6Flow Measurement (NFM)
2.7Material & Defect Characterization (NMC)
2.8Photoacoustics (NPA)
2.9Process Control and Industrial Ultrasound (NPC)
2.10Signal Processing (NSP)
2.11Transducers: NDE and Industrial (NTC)
2.12Underwater Acoustics (NUA)
2.13Wave Propagation (NWP)
2.14Structural Health Monitoring (NSH)
3.1General Physical Acoustics (PGP)
3.2Acoustic Tweezers and Particle Manipulation (PAT)
3.3Nonlinear Acoustics (PNL)
3.4High Power and Temperature effects (PTE)
3.5Opto-Acoustics (POA)
3.6Modelling and Inversion (PMI)
3.7Phononics (PPN)
3.8Thin Films (PTF)
3.9Ultrasonic Motors & Actuators (PUM)
3.10Non-Reciprocal Acoustics (PNR)
4.1Acoustic Wave Filters (AWF)
4.2Device Applications (ADA)
4.3Device Modeling and Design (ADM)
4.4Materials and Propagation (AMP)
4.5Microacoustic Resonators (AMR)
4.6Microacoustic Sensors (AMS)
4.7Novel Microacoustic Devices (ANM
5.1Piezoelectric and Other Materials (TPM)
5.2Modeling and Simulation (TMS)
5.3Thin and Thick Piezoelectric Films (TFT)
5.4Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (TMU)
5.5Biomedical Diagnostic and Imaging Transducers (TMI)
5.6Biomedical Therapeutic Transducers (TTT)
5.7Front-end and Integrated Electronics (THF)
5.8Integrated Electronics and Systems (TIS)
5.9Applications of Piezoelectrics and Ferroelectrics (TPF)

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