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Student Paper Competition

Student Poster Finalists Announced

The student poster presentations will take place on Tuesday, October 11. Students should present during the morning and afternoon poster sessions, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM Venice Time. We will arrange a separate Zoom session for virtual participants.
Group 1

WINNER: A Novel 3D Row Column Imaging Technique Demonstrated on a 20 MHz Electrostrictive Array
Nicholas Campbell

WINNER: Subspectrum Doppler Characteristics of the Functional Ultrasound (fUS)-Signal
Sadaf Soloukey

Detecting the Buildup of Kidney Fibrosis Using H-Scan
Jihye Baek

Focused-Ultrasound blood-Brain Barrier Opening Promotes neuroprotective microglia
Alina Kline-Schoder

Whole-Brain Vascular Imaging for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Anatole Jimenez

Miniaturized Gold nanochains enhnaced Photoacoustic microscopy, and Optical Coherence Tomography Ocular Molecular Imaging
Van Phuc Nguyen

Group 2

WINNER: Ultrathin, High Sensitivity Polymer-Based Capacitive Micromachined Transducers (PolyCMUTs) for Acoustic Emission Sensing in Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Jonas Welsch

Ultrasound Matrix Beamforming: Object Imaging in Strongly Scattering Media
Arthur Le Ber

Model Compression and FPGA Implementation of an Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Algorithm Based on Meta Learning
Yu Yuan

Group 3

WINNER: Sputter Epitaxial (10-12) LiNbO3 Film / (1120) Azo / (10-12) Al2O3 Shear Mode Thin Film Resonators
Shinya Kudo

Non-Reciprocity Within Piezoelectric Micromechanical Resonator Chains
Jianing Zhao

A Multifunctional Acoustic Tweezer for Structural Constructing Heterogenous Assembloids
Zeping Gao

Group 4

WINNER: Near-Spurious-Free Lithium Niobate Resonator for Piezoelectric Power Conversion with Q of 3500 and kt2 of 45%
Kristi Nguyen

Manipulation of SAW Slowness Shape Using Low-Cut LT/Quartz Structure for Transverse Resonance Suppression Without k2 Deterioration
Yiwen He

Examination of Phonon Dissipation in 33 GHz Overmoded Bulk Acoustic Resonators
Zachary Schaffer

Group 5

WINNER: Fabrication and Characterization of FlexCMUT, a Flexible Polymer-Based Ultrasound Array for Conformal Imaging
Amirhossein Omidvar

Non-Invasive 2D array-Based Ultrasound Retinal Prosthesis and its frequency-Dependent Efficiency
Gengxi Lu

A Wireless Imaging System-on-a-Chip with Beamforming for Phased-Array Ultrasound
Ahmad Rezvanitabar

Important Deadlines

This is the 22nd year of the student paper competition which was initiated at the 2001 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The award consists of a certificate and represents a prestigious recognition of the student’s achievement. Students who are submitting abstracts for presentation are also invited to participate in this Student Paper Competition (see “Requirements” below for conditions). 

Abstracts submitted by students for the Student Paper Competition will be reviewed as usual by the Technical Program Committee (TPC). At that time the TPC will select 18 finalists (6 from Group I, and 3 from each of Groups II to V) for the Student Paper Competition (roughly in proportion to the number of student abstracts submitted in each group). The finalists will be notified and asked to produce a poster of their papers to be presented during a special student poster session. All finalists will receive travel support to help them to attend the conference (onsite conferences only). At the time of registration, the finalist is required to be a registered member of IEEE and UFFC.

The poster is required independent of whether the student’s paper has been selected as an oral presentation. The students should check the guidelines for poster presentation for the preparations of their presentation. All Student Finalist Posters will be presented in a special section for judging by a panel of judges representing the paper’s technical group. Six awards will be given.


  • Student is the first author
  • Work is of high quality and done by the student
  • Abstract clearly describes the work and includes results
  • Student has not won this award previously from any of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposia

Evaluation Criteria

  • Clarity of student’s presentation
  • Depth of student’s knowledge
  • Degree of the student’s contribution to the project
  • Relevancy of the work to the field


  • Medical Ultrasonics (2 Awards)
  • Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications (1 Award)
  • Physical Acoustics (1 Award)
  • Microacoustics SAW, FBAR, MEMS (1 Award)
  • Transducers & Transducer Materials (1 Award)

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