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FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc is the undisputed world leader in the development of real-time ultrasound and photoacoustic systems, providing tools specifically designed to support imaging-based research. Our cutting edge technologies support researchers at the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals, and universities in their research efforts across areas including cardiovascular, cancer, neurobiology, developmental biology, and acoustics. These technologies support applications including genetic research, phenotypic studies, drug development, imaging systems development, and many more. VisualSonics' platforms combine a broad range of frequencies, high resolution, real-time data acquisition, and access to quantifiable data, all supported by powerful user-friendly software.

Verasonics designs and markets leading-edge Vantage™ Research Ultrasound Systems for academic and commercial investigators. These real-time, software-based, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research by providing unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process. Researchers in more than 35 countries routinely use the unparalleled flexibility of the Vantage platform to advance the art and science of ultrasound through their own research efforts. In addition, every Vantage System can be upgraded to any configuration - protecting capital equipment investments and expanding research options. Verasonics’ Vantage Systems are the ideal solution for ultrasound-driven research and development in biomedical, materials science, earth sciences, and the physics of acoustics.

Vermon is leading the development and industrialization of state-of-the-art ultrasound solutions for medical and industrial applications.
Vermon’s commitment is to innovate, design and manufacture advanced transducers and arrays with cutting-edge technology to support its customers' innovative ultrasound applications while strengthening their long-term market position with superior ultrasound imaging performances.

Cephasonics provides high-performance AI-enabled OEM and development ultrasound platforms that are moving imaging from eyeballs to algorithms. Our systems are designed to execute complex real-time ultrasound scanning with AI/algorithms making new medical imaging solutions possible that can locate, recognize, and measure structures in the body. Cephasonics partners with both leading medical technology companies as well as medical entrepreneurs to bring innovative new ultrasound applications to market.

us4us Ltd. delivers advanced ultrasound research systems and OEM components optimized for software-defined ultrasound applications and GPU processing. Our solutions feature raw RF acquisition and high-speed PCIe data streaming, enabling the end user to implement their own real-time CPU/GPU processing algorithms. An open SDK provides flexibility and easy integration with C/C++/Python/Matlab.

Our current offering:
us4R-lite — a low-cost, portable ultrasound research system featuring 256TX/64RX channels and an external Thunderbolt-3 or PCIe interface. The first truly portable solution to work with your PC/notebook.
us4R — an advanced 2D/3D-ready ultrasound research system featuring 256TX/256RX channels and an extremely high data transfer rate (up to 24GB/s). The system is intended for real-time implementation of advanced/complex ultrasound processing algorithms on GPUs.
us4OEM — a credit-card sized ultrasound front-end module with 128TX/32RX channels for integration in the end-user system/solution.

Furthermore, we offer consulting and development services in the area of ultrasound methods, systems, and product development.

Ferroperm Piezoceramics A/S has been an industry-defining supplier of piezoelectric ceramics for nearly 70 years. Our expertly crafted components are widely used in the fields of medical ultrasound, underwater acoustics and non-destructive testing and can be found in vibration sensors and flowmeters across the globe as well. With our in-house product development and manufacturing steeped in proud tradition, we remain dedicated in producing ceramics of the highest quality with minimal batch-to-batch variation, tailored to our customers’ exact specification requirements.

STMicroelectronics is 48,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies mastering the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. An integrated device manufacturer, we work with more than 200,000 customers and thousands of partners to design and build products, solutions, and ecosystems that address their challenges and opportunities, and the need to support a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the wide-scale deployment of the Internet of Things and connectivity. ST is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027. Further information can be found at

PI Ceramic in Brief
Redefining the limits of what can be measured and moved, together with our customers: As a worldwide partner with more than 25 years of expertise, PI Ceramic develops and manufactures sophisticated piezoceramic components, subsystems and transducers in the areas of medical technology, industrial ultrasonics and precision dosing. Seventy of the currently 320 employees at the location in Thuringia, Germany, work in research and development. PI Ceramic is part of the PI Group, the innovation and market leader for high-precision positioning technology.

Polytec's innovative, non-contact optical metrology enables the systematic testing of dynamic mechanical response of ultrasonic transducers, devices and components. The applications range from the development of MEMS-based transducers, over micro-acoustic resonators, filters and sensors to ultrasonic tools for medical and industrial applications. Benefits are the ease of use, fast measurements with resolution in the sub-picometer range and frequency bandwidth up to the GHz regime. In addition our high-resolution 3D surface metrology option reveals all important details of the (micro) topography of your sample.

We provide technical expertise and engineering support for emerging applications in advanced ultrasound technologies.

Daxsonics offers services to help companies develop ultrasound products. We work in at all stages of the life cycle providing a range of services including R&D, acoustic stack design, transducer design, electronics, software design, firmware design, and system integration. Our team of industry leading experts consistently come up with creative solutions to help develop market-disrupting products. We specialize in:

  • High-frequency (>30MHz) ultrasound transducer and beamformer design
  • Transducers and electronics for high-intensity focused ultrasound for thermal ablation and histotripsy
  • Transducer design for small packaging and high-volume, low-cost manufacturing
  • Advanced signal and image processing
  • Artificial intelligence and computer vision programming applied to ultrasound imaging

Electronics & Innovation, Ltd is a focused and dynamic company fulfilling the market demand for rugged and reliable RF power amplifiers. Founded in 2003, by former ENI engineers and executives, E&I was incorporated on the 16th of March, 2004. We are located in Rochester, NY, where all products are designed, assembled, and tested at our facility. E&I services and supports all major markets; operating globally through distributor outlets worldwide. E&I is committed to providing RF power amplifier solutions of the highest quality, durability, and ruggedness. Our amplifiers have under gone tests by the military and have proven to be even more reliable than the original ENI amplifiers. In addition unlike the old ENI amplifiers, they are CE marked, RoHS Compliant and meet all relevant emissions and safety standards. The Difference to You E&I has the people, the products, and the capabilities to meet your RF needs. Quality is and has been at the cornerstone of our growth – we constantly strive to be better, so that you can achieve more.

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is a top research center for Electronic Based Systems (EBS). At three locations (Graz, Villach, Linz), SAL is conducting research along the entire EBS value chain in the areas of sensor systems, power electronics, intelligent wireless systems and embedded systems to develop future-oriented solutions for industrial production, health, energy, mobility, safety and more. SAL brings together key players from industry, science and research and thus valuable expertise and know-how and conducts cooperative, application-oriented research along the value chain. Cooperative projects are co-financed by SAL and enable a fast and unbureaucratic project start.

With its structure, starting with theoretical observations in application-specific simulations, transducer development and modular ultrasound systems including innovative software solutions, right up to signal processing, the department Ultrasound of the Fraunhofer IBMT covers the whole range of competences for system solutions in medical, biotechnological and technical applications. With more than 40 members of staff in three business areas, and three highly specialized working groups, it is the largest ultrasound research unit in Europe.

S-Sharp provides cutting edge solutions to preclinical and clinical research ultrasound. Our core competence is the ability to leverage advanced electronics technologies to address our customer’s needs by providing programmability, power and speed. Please visit us to know more about our new products for imaging and therapeutic applications.

Sonic Concepts™ is a global leader in designing and delivering innovative therapeutic and focused ultrasound solutions, including the HIFUPlex™ and NeuroFUS™ systems. Every day, researchers and organizations around the world use our best-in-class customizable products and turnkey ultrasonic therapy and imaging solutions to make medical breakthroughs and solve complex problems.

TFT Corporation is a leading supplier of piezoelectric ceramics and single crystals PMN-PT / PIN-PMN-PT, which are manufactured by our group companies, Tayca Corporation in Japan and TRS technologies, Inc in the U.S. Our group also develops piezoelectric composite products achieving superior characteristics by combining resin and piezoelectric material. Our products are used in a variety of industries such as medical imaging, non-destructive testing, ultrasound sensor worldwide. We are also doing research for next-generation single crystal.

Telemed designs and manufactures clinical-grade portable ultrasound imaging systems and ultrasound beamformers for OEMs. options for researchers includes real-time channel data transfer, beamformed data, advanced triggering module and set of MATLAB, Python and LabView libraries and examples of use. Telemed’s software development kit (SDK) offers an easy and fast way to develop customised user interface for stand-alone imaging systems and application-specific devices. The SDK is a set of C++ libraries providing user access to most system parameters.

Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Telemed has been designing and manufacturing ultrasound components and complete scanners since 1992. Production quality is confirmed by an ISO/EN 13485 quality system and US FDA 510k-cleared products.

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering (FUSE CDT) is a partnership between the Centre for Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics (C-MIU), at the University of Glasgow, and the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (CUE), at the University of Strathclyde. This partnership brings together two world-leading Centres of Excellence and creates the largest academic ultrasonic engineering unit in the world.

FUSE has been created to:
Train Doctoral researchers with a focus on cohort-based learning experiences and skills training
Build a skilled workforce to support the ultrasonic technology engineering community
Help solve real-world challenges
Advance the adoption of ultrasonic methods and applications in new areas
Develop the ultrasound ecosystem by providing a platform for cross-sectoral and value-chain Knowledge Exchange

We look forward to seeing many of our community at IUS and to meeting new contacts wishing to find out more about FUSE and how we can collaborate.

Verasonics designs and markets leading-edge Vantage™ Research Ultrasound Systems for academic and commercial investigators. These real-time, software-based, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research by providing unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process. Researchers in more than 35 countries routinely use the unparalleled flexibility of the Vantage platform to advance the art and science of ultrasound through their own research efforts. In addition, every Vantage System can be upgraded to any configuration - protecting capital equipment investments and expanding research options. Verasonics’ Vantage Systems are the ideal solution for ultrasound-driven research and development in biomedical, materials science, earth sciences, and the physics of acoustics.

Acertara is a full-service ultrasound company offering test equipment, test services, transducer design and manufacturing, complete FDA 510(k) submissions, and probe assembly and repair. Acertara has partnered with many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to perform quality testing of their transducers during manufacturing as well as post-sale service. Our ISO/IEC17025:2017 accredited test lab can help with your testing, calibration, or special development needs.

BMEF is distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in collaboration with Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The journal publishes breakthrough original research articles, rapid reports, reviews, perspectives, and editorials. BMEF’s audience includes basic and applied researchers, engineers, clinicians investigating pathogenic mechanisms of disease, as well as strategies for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and assessment.

The GW4SHM project, funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019-860104), aims at different aspects of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using Guided Ultrasonic Waves (GUW). SHM enables continuous evaluation of changes and facilitate early detection of faults before expensive or critical damage occurs. Guided wave-based SHM detects abnormalities via changes in the propagation of GUW through structures. Although promising, it is not widely used yet in industrial settings. The project brings together partners from academia and industry to train a new generation of researchers skilled in all aspects of SHM, enabling them to transform SHM research into practical applications. Focusing on aeronautics, petrochemistry and the automotive sector as initial pilot cases, we will develop SHM-concepts to assess the integrity of structures and create ready-to-use tools for industry and other SHM users. The strong collaboration between mathematicians, physicists and engineers aims to bring the capabilities and applicability of SHM methods to the next level. The outcome of the project will pave the way for integrating SHM into real-world engineering structures.

The Focused Ultrasound Foundation was created to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide by accelerating the development of focused ultrasound, an early-stage noninvasive therapeutic technology with the potential to transform the treatment of many medical disorders. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that focused ultrasound finds its place as a mainstream therapy within years, not decades, and works to fund research, foster collaboration, and build awareness among patients and professionals. Since its establishment in 2006, it has become the largest non-governmental source of funding for focused ultrasound research.

Geegah Inc aims to democratize high spatial and temporal resolution imaging and image processing. Geegah advances the piezoelectric-on-CMOS technology for state-of-art IoT and sensing markets.

IMASONIC is a leading, private and independent company that designs and manufactures ultrasonic transducers for Health and Safety applications. Since its creation in 1989, IMASONIC has been involved in the development of innovative solutions for the medical and industrial markets, with a particular contribution in the field of Photoacoustic imaging and therapeutic applications. The company has more than 130 employees to date.

Novosound specialise in the design and manufacturing of ultrasound sensors using a groundbreaking thin-film technique to address the limitations of traditional ultrasound. This includes products and customisable solutions for emerging applications in industrial, medical, dental and wearable markets.

ONDA is the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services. Our products are used to acoustically test devices in the medical, industrial, and electronic markets. Over 5,000 hydrophones have been used around the world to support a broad range of applications including medical imaging, therapeutic ultrasound, ultrasonic cleaning, and non-destructive testing. Onda has served over 1,000 unique customers in over 35 countries representing Fortune 10 companies, government research centers, and the most prominent universities.

Precision Acoustics is a leading global manufacturer of hydrophones, ultrasound transducers, ultrasound test stations and materials for the underwater acoustic and ultrasonic markets.

As a recognised leader in the design and supply of products to measure acoustic pressure, intensity and power, we have the expertise to solve many of the problems associated with ultrasound in the frequency range 0.1-40MHz. Whether it is assistance with developing a new ultrasound transducer for medical or NDT applications or simulating and problem-solving an existing design, our team apply a rigorous scientific approach to ensure that all aspects of the transducer’s performance and field pattern are well understood.

For many years, the team has been working together in a synergistic mode to come up with easy-to-use products, conventional technologies, as well as the most advanced innovations in terms of electronics and software for non-destructive testing applications.

Our common technologies are Conventional multi-channel, Phased array and FMC/TFM family. We have further developed these with unique and numerous features. Ultra-Fast TFM is also available. We continuously keep developing to stay the most efficient in providing you all possible options.

Ultrafast Science, a Science Partner Journal is an online-only Open Access journal published in affiliation with Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM) of CAS and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The journal’s mission is to build a platform for ultrafast scientific research; present new theories, concepts, ideas, technologies and progress in this field; publish the latest research representing the forefront of the discipline and that of international concern; and promote academic exchange and development worldwide. Ultrafast Science publishes high-quality original research articles, comprehensive reviews, editorials, and perspectives which feature high novelty, significance and technical quality in cutting-edge and emerging topics in ultrafast science with broad interest from scientific communities. Learn more at:

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