Ieee Mb White

Invited Speaker

Johan Christensen

Dr. Johan Christensen is a research fellow at the Department of Physics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Broadly speaking, he is interested in wave physics and the theoretical description and numerical modelling of acoustic and mechanical metamaterials. His interests also include plasmonics in structured media. In 2010, he was awarded his PhD at the Autonomous University of Madrid followed by a postdoctoral stay at the Spanish National Research Council until 2012 in Madrid as well. He was hired as an assistant research professor at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen until mid-2016. He obtained numerous awards and grants including a Marie-Curie Doctorate fellowship, a Carlsberg fellowship (twice), and the Young Elite Researcher Prize from the Danish Research Council, and a Ramon y Cajal fellowship. In 2016, Dr. Johan Christensen received a Starting Grant (StG) from the European Research Council (ERC), which aims to support “the most promising up-and-coming research leaders who are about to establish a proper research team and to start conducting independent highprofile research in Europe”.

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