Ieee Mb White

Student Paper Finalists

Group 1

Non-Invasive Real-Time Quantification of Myocardial Anisotropic Elastic Properties in the Human Heart
Olivier Pedreira

Differentiation of Acute Stroke with Noninvasive Volumetric Ultrasound Localization Microscopy in the Rat Brain
Arthur Chavignon

Development of an Integrated Photoacoustic-Guided Laser Ablation Intracardiac Theranostic System
Maryam Basij

Randomly Sparse Reception with Channel-Domain Signal Recovery for High-Volume-Rate Ultrasound Imaging
Dan Ran

Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Image-Degrading Effects in the Human Abdomen: Phase Aberration, Refraction, Multiple Reverberation, and Trailing Reverberation
Danai Eleni Soulioti

In Vivo Assessment of Diabetic Kidney Disease Using Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
Jingke Zhang

Group 2

Electroactive Diffraction Gratings for the Generation of Acoustic Vortex Beams
Rubén Darío Muelas Hurtado Muelas Hurtado

Imaging and Detection of Botrytis Cinerea with Gigahertz Ultrasonic Imager
Yutong Liu

High-Throughput and Rapid Cell Lysis Based on Stable Cavitating Bubble Array
Xiufang Liu

Group 3

Large-Scale Rotational Object Manipulation of Weak-Focused Acoustic Vortex
Qingyu Ma

c-Axis-Tilted ScAlN Film on Silicon Substrate for Surface Acoustic Wave Device
Takumi Tominaga

Three-Dimensional Phononic Crystal with Ultra-Wide Bandgap at Megahertz Frequencies
Julio Andrés Iglesias Martínez

Group 4

Finite Element Simulations for Predicting Nonlinear Responses of Layered SAW Systems
Thomas Forster

An Acoustic Resonator with Electromechanical Coupling of 16% and Low TCF at 5.4 GHz
Ahmed Hassanien

Mechanisms of Third-Order Harmonic in TC-SAW Resonators Using a Nonlinear FEM Model
Peng Guan

Group 5

Miniaturization of Micro-Ultrasound Transducers for Endoscopic Imaging
Carlos Felipe Roa

A Thin, High Penetration Depth Phased Array Transducer with a Metamaterial Acoustic Backing for Cardiac Imaging with X-Ray Computed Tomography Compatibility
Stephan Strassle Rojas

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